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Specialized Equipment & Rigger’s Liability

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What is Specialized Equipment Insurance?


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If you are an operator of specialized equipment, such as cranes or pile drivers, you have specialized insurance needs.

Your equipment may have high value and unique characteristics; you may have to operate your equipment in some difficult environments; and your exposure for what is “on the hook” may be significant. You need your equipment to be properly insured and, as a rigger, you need to be sure your liability here is properly covered.

Our Specialized Equipment Insurance policy can include the following features:

  • Coverage for leased and rented equipment
  • Full Replacement Cost for equipment up to 7 years old
  • Reimbursement for rental charges so a substitute item can be rented after a covered loss
  • Options available to provide no depreciation for partial losses
  • Coverage for waterborne property
  • Cargo coverage for others’ equipment
  • Business income for critical equipment
  • Riggers’ Liability
  • No boom or no weight of load exclusion applies

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