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Loss Control Video Request Form

Acadia Insurance is pleased to provide access to a library of loss control videos for our customers. These videos are provided at no additional cost.

For complete instructions and ordering information, please read our instructions.

For more information on our two well-recognized safety training providers, click here.

Want to learn more or receive a virtual tour of these video services?
For more information, questions, or virtual tours of our services, please call the Virtual Loss Control Team toll free at 800-870-1170 Ext 5701 or email us at

Video Ordering in Three Simple Steps

1. Review the JJ Keller and Wumbus catalogs above for available online training titles. You can order more than one at a time by entering multiple video titles.

2. Complete the fillable form below.

3. Click "Submit"

Within one business day you will reciever your JJ Keller video access code, or your Wumbus login information, by email. You are not restricted to one provider and may choose both.