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Glass Repair

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Glass Repair

Acadia Insurance partners with Safelite Solutions to handle glass repair and replacement services.  As an Acadia policyholder, you are entitled to use all of the services offered by Safelite, including access to their expert customer service representatives.

Safelite's Services Include:

  • Recommendation of high performance glass shops nearest the policyholder
  • Scheduling of glass repair or replacement at the shop of policyholder’s choice
  • Processing of invoice and transmission of payment

The Benefits of Repairing Glass

  • Acadia will waive your deductible for all windshield repairs
  • Repairing a windshield will help keep your premium from increasing

When to Repair Damaged Glass

  • Repair all windshields and glass as long as damage doesn’t obstruct view
  • Cracks and chips that are less than the length of a dollar bill can be fixed
Call our toll free number, 855-326-1879, where you will receive the fastest, easiest glass claim experience available.