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Here at Acadia, we work hard to pursue valid subrogation claims in a prompt and efficient manner. We know it’s important to all of us involved that we collect the money owed to each of us as quickly as possible. We will pursue collection from the responsible parties to keep costs down for our policy holder and our company.


When an insurance company seeks payment or restitution from a third party that caused damage or injury to an insured person or property, that process is known as subrogation.

While some insurance companies may not appreciate the benefits of a strong recovery and subrogation program, Acadia understands that the maintenance of a dedicated subrogation team can have a significant impact on controlling your claims loss experience. Our subrogation claim representatives take a creative, but grounded approach to recovery handling and when necessary, will pursue litigation to help ensure that all recovery rights are enforced.

  • Subrogation claims are proactively pursued in a prompt and efficient manner
  • Our goal is to achieve timely collections from the responsible parties to help reduce your loss experience
  • As your “Trusted Advisor”, we strive to keep you and your agent informed of significant developments throughout the entire subrogation process
  • Our experienced subrogation claim representatives have expertise in all lines of business
  • We involve our subrogation specialists at the outset of a serious claim to help ensure that we take the proper investigative steps to protect potential subrogation opportunities