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The Acadia Claims team will be your “Trusted Advisors” and help guide you through the entire claims process. We are knowledgeable, experienced and a part of your community, committed to prompt on-site claim handling for critical claims, 24/7. We partner with both you and your agent to provide superior claim service to you, our valued customer.

Our offices are located throughout New England and New York, positioning us to deliver our services in a prompt, efficient manner, providing “Closer Coverage”.


  • On-Site Investigation Services
    Knowing how to conduct an appropriate claim investigation can help reduce the frequency and severity of a claim made against our valued customer. As your “Trusted Advisor” we will guide you through the process as our local, experienced claims staff conducts a prompt, professional, good faith investigation in order to properly protect your interests.
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  • Litigation Management
    As your Trusted Advisors, our job is to fairly resolve the claims that are owed, and to vigorously defend those that are not. If your business is sued, our dedicated litigation claim handlers have the experience and expertise to bring about the best possible resolution.
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  • Fraud Prevention
    Acadia Insurance is dedicated to the prevention, detection and deterrence of insurance fraud. Since we do not tolerate such fraud, Acadia encourages its employees to be vigilant, and to rigorously review, analyze, monitor, investigate and prosecute fraudulent insurance transactions to the fullest extent of the law.
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  • Subrogation
    Here at Acadia, we work hard to pursue valid subrogation claims in a prompt and efficient manner. We know it’s important to all of us involved that we collect the money owed to each of us as quickly as possible. We will pursue collection from the responsible parties to keep costs down for our policy holder and our company.
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  • Workers' Compensation Claims Management
    As your trusted insurance advisors, our job is to manage your medical claims to ensure that your injured workers get the best care possible in a cost efficient manner. Our goal is to bring about the best medical outcome for you and your injured employee.
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  • Return to Work Handbook
    A Return-To-Work (RTW) program is a planned and organized system to provide temporary modified jobs to employees who are injured on the job. RTW reintroduces employees to meaningful employment and productivity sooner than would have been possible otherwise. RTW benefits injured employees by accommodating their physical restrictions and allowing them continuity in their work lives.
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  • Incident Investigation Handbook
    The operational errors that cause production problems are usually the same errors responsible for incidents. Addressing the conditions which caused the incident will not only prevent a recurrence, but will improve the efficiency and production of the operation.
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  • Major Case Unit
    The Major Case Unit (MCU) is staffed with highly experienced Senior Claim Specialists assigned to investigate and handle the most complex claims within the company. The MCU handles all lines of Casualty claims involving serious injuries, high exposure damages, Construction Defect matters and complex coverage issues.
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