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The Closer Coverage Approach to Claims

We know that a claim or accident can turn your business–and your world–upside down. Our experienced claims professionals have the knowledge and expertise to get you back in business as quickly as possible. Closer Coverage means that we’re local, and our claims staff will be there to assess damages, explain coverages and protect your interests as soon as a loss occurs.

Acadia has adjusters specializing in every kind of covered loss your business might sustain – from getting your vehicle back into service after a collision, to handling the most complex liability and property claims.

We recognize that insurance isn’t your business–it’s our business–and Acadia’s caring and knowledgeable claim staff will be there when you need them.


Acadia outperformed major competitors in the Northeast in the categories of Promptness and Fairness in Claims Handling in a 2010 independent agent survey administered by Deep Customer Connections, Inc. 

In a recent claim customer satisfaction survey, our customers gave us a 96% satisfaction rating

What makes Acadia Claims a Trusted Advisor?

Claims Services & Claim Reporting

  • Express Claim Service
  • 24-Hour Serious Claim Service
  • Glass Claim Service

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I Reported a Claim - What Happens Next?

You can expect to be contacted by Acadia Insurance within one hour to obtain some basic claim information and to assign a claim number.  Your loss will then be assigned to a Claim Representative who will contact you within 24 hours... 

During this first contact, your claim representative will explain the process and obtain the information necessary to handle the claim. All phone calls received during normal business hours are expected to be returned the day they are received.