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4 Benefits of Having a Preferred Medical Provider Oversee Care for Your Injured Employees

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The business disruption and cost of employee injuries on a business are well known, if understated. Not only is it important to promote a strong safety culture and help protect employees from injury, it is also just as important to have best practices in place when an injury does occur so that you can respond… Read more

Why Is It Important to Report Workers’ Comp Claims Promptly?

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Reporting all workers’ compensation claims promptly is a critical component to controlling workers’ compensation claim costs. Failure to report an employee’s claim promptly can have financial implications and can damage employee morale. It is also required by many states and by OSHA in some situations.

The Aging U.S. Workforce and Workers’ Compensation.

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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, from 2006 to 2016 workers aged 55 to 64 are expected to climb by 37% and the number of workers over age 65 is predicted to soar by more than 80%. In contrast, the total labor force is projected to only increase by 8.5% during this same… Read more

NCOIL Leader Talks with Acadia About Workers’ Compensation

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Workers’ compensation continues to dominate legislative deliberations in most states. Whether the issues are the skyrocketing abuse of opioids by workers’ compensation claimants or the continuing efforts of states to address worker misclassification, one person in center stage of these deliberations is Vermont Representative Bill Botzow. Since 2012, Botzow has served as chair of the… Read more

What is the New Hampshire Second Injury Fund?

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The New Hampshire Second Injury Fund (NHSIF) was established in 1975 as a mechanism to promote the hiring of individuals with pre-existing conditions, injuries or disabilities.  The NHSIF provides employers and their insurance carriers with limited liability for subsequent injuries that are sustained by such individuals in the course & scope of employment by reimbursing… Read more