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3 Important Insurance Considerations for Commercial Breweries

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How do you intend to interact with the general public? Will you offer brewery tours or have a tasting room? Both of these elements, while great for marketing and generating growth, come with their share of risk, and need to be considered when purchasing insurance.

3 Best Practices to Help Protect Your Business from a Possible Data Breach

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How does your daily routine impact the security of your important business data? Building little things into your daily and weekly procedures can pay off in providing greater security of your data.  In many cases, your vigilance is all that stands between your business and a privacy breach. Below are three best practices that you… Read more

Bring Your Child to Work Day

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Now that the school year has ended, I find myself reflecting on a child’s education.  School can provide instruction in an increasingly regulated curriculum 180 days per year. Applying that knowledge in a practical way, enriching our kids and providing meaningful experiences the remaining 185 days is one of the fun parts of being a… Read more

10 Reasons to Choose an Independent Insurance Agent

July 15th - By  | Automobile, General Liability, Small Business | No Comments »

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Alyssa DellaCamera from Eaton & Berube Insurance Agency, an independent insurance agency located in New Hampshire.  Learn about how an independent agent can benefit you and your business. Advertisements promising significant savings on your insurance in exchange for just a few minutes of your time may be… Read more

Managing the Unsupervised Employee

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It is estimated that 70% of the American workforce is unsupervised for the vast majority of the work day.  When I first heard that I thought, “That can’t be right,” but the more I considered it and thought about truckers, sales reps, construction crews, service reps and many others, it made sense.