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Animal Crossings – The signs Don’t Lie

March 25th - By  | Automobile, Safety | 2 Comments »

As we travel down the road, we are bombarded with distractions.  We typically don’t read every sign we pass.  However, one important message we shouldn’t ignore are animal crossings.  Here in the Northeast, we don’t have to travel too far out of our cities and towns to come across vast backwoods, where many species reside…. Read more

Does Your Safety Program Earn You a Gold Medal?

February 25th - By  | General Liability, Safety | No Comments »

As the Winter Olympics progressed over the past 16 days, each of us was captured by the excitement, the energy, the successes and the failures of athletes from around the world.  Each worked months and years to train and prepare for his/her specific event.  Only a few will come home with a gold medal, some… Read more

New Employees and Fire Prevention

February 3rd - By  | Property, Safety | No Comments »

As safety professionals we all know that new employees, or those performing new tasks, are the most likely to suffer injury. I can remember one incident where an operator ran one machine for nearly 40 years. Eventually he took a different job in the plant and about a month later, the operator of his old… Read more

Winter Hazard Prevention

January 7th - By  | Property, Safety | No Comments »

Freezing Pipes and Roof Collapse Prevention An English astronomer, Francis Baily, is credited with the saying, “A stitch in time saves nine”, meaning a little effort in prevention can save multitudes of time and money later.  Winter is certainly one of those seasons where this advice is very true.  This blog focuses on two areas… Read more

‘Tis the Season to Work Safely

December 5th - By  | General Liability, Safety | No Comments »

As we enter the season of perpetual hope, we start planning the holidays both at home and the office. There are many things to consider for ensuring our safety during the holidays. November and December are peak times to get everything completed for year-end as well as to celebrate the holidays. It is the busiest,… Read more