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Falling Temperatures, Falling Leaves, Falling Visibility

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As a runner, the fall presents its challenges. First, the colder temperatures make staying in bed a desirable option. But, accountability is why I have a running buddy. And, once running buddy and I are out for our run, the low lighting can be a dangerous issue. We take precautions to be visible, such as… Read more

Digging Up a World of Hazards

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Imagine you are doing an emergency trench cut to fix a broken water line in the middle of the winter and you destroy an electrical line.  This in turn cuts off the heat to a city block or two.  Image the cost of all those frozen pipes if you can’t get the electricity back online.

Is it Hot in Here?

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Did you notice that winter is over? Finally!  We have escaped winter’s hold and we are headed into long days and great weather.  Summer is a great time for working outside but there are some dangers that arise when working in the summer heat.  Heat stress is a dangerous occurrence that can arise whenever you… Read more

Getting the Maximum Benefit Out of Acadia’s Virtual Loss Control

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The Acadia Insurance Virtual Loss Control team was created about one year ago with the concept of providing direct safety-related informational and real-time assistance to Acadia Insurance customers, our agents and employees.  Over this period, and as this idea has continuously evolved, the Virtual Loss Control Staff has worked with several hundred clients.  What is… Read more

I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

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Preventing slips, trips and falls to avoid liability claims You may remember the line from the TV advertisement several years ago, “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!”  It has become a punch line for many jokes, but slips, trips and falls are no joking matter.  They can happen in a split second, can happen… Read more