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Expect the Unexpected: The Importance of Hurricane Preparedness

September 19th - By  | General Liability, Property, Safety | No Comments »

The Northeast has seen some fairly devastating damage during the last two hurricane seasons.  With the destruction from Super Storm Sandy and Hurricane Irene still fresh in our minds, it is important that all business owners prepare for this year’s hurricane season.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicted an active 2013 Atlantic hurricane… Read more

Tick Season is Upon Us

June 3rd - By  | Farm & Agriculture, Property, Safety | No Comments »

For many of us living in the Northeast, enjoying the outdoors after winter abates is paradise, and a great cure for cabin fever. However, in the past years there have been new insects and diseases that plague our summer activities. One of the largest concerns is ticks and the diseases they can spread, particularly with… Read more

Deck, Deck, Crash!

April 24th - By  | Property, Safety | 1 Comment »

Avoid Balcony, Porch and Deck Collapse Duck, Duck, Splash is an alternative to the traditional children’s game of Duck, Duck Goose. It’s played in the summer months, where a “picker” carries a small bucket of water around players who are sitting in a circle, and splashes the person who will be the goose. It’s fun… Read more

Personal and Property Protection Pertaining to Packaging Pallets

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-That’s a Nod to Dr. Seuss, who is celebrated this month There are a lot of things in life which are everywhere, so ubiquitous that we don’t even think about them:  a pillow, shopping bags, books, pens.  If one stops to think about these items, they aren’t as simple as we would think.  The wrong… Read more

Pancake Prevention – Preventing Snow Load Roof Collapse

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Snowflake…snowflake….snowflake, how much do you weigh?  Right around .002 grams. How does this compare to other items? Feather, about .05 grams. Chocolate Kiss 41grams. Cubic inch of water .036lbs. Cubic foot of water 62.416 lbs. So, how do a bunch of snowflakes pancake buildings each year? Generally speaking, it’s not the snowflakes that collapse a… Read more