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New Employees and Fire Prevention

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As safety professionals we all know that new employees, or those performing new tasks, are the most likely to suffer injury. I can remember one incident where an operator ran one machine for nearly 40 years. Eventually he took a different job in the plant and about a month later, the operator of his old… Read more

Winter Hazard Prevention

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Freezing Pipes and Roof Collapse Prevention An English astronomer, Francis Baily, is credited with the saying, “A stitch in time saves nine”, meaning a little effort in prevention can save multitudes of time and money later.  Winter is certainly one of those seasons where this advice is very true.  This blog focuses on two areas… Read more

Your Aging Building’s Electrical System

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“We change, whether we like it or not” –          Ralph Waldo Emerson We don’t often enjoy having to concede to nature’s law that dictates to us that all things change, all of the time.  But as Mr. Emerson keenly observes, it happens, regardless.  Depending upon one’s perspective, change can be a good thing, or it… Read more

Look Up, It May Shock You

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Many of us travel under thousands of overhead power lines each day without a second thought. Such close encounters can be as basic as a service line going to a home or major lines carrying power across the country. There is a tremendous amount of danger if you, your vehicle or your piece of equipment… Read more

UL300: Restaurant Kitchen Fire Prevention

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UL 300, Standard for Safety for Fire Testing of Fire Extinguishing Systems for Protection of Restaurant Cooking Areas, became effective in 1994.  In the years just before then, changes in cooking methods to vegetable based cooking oils, and use of high energy efficiency appliances significantly increased the fire hazard in cooking operations. Commercial kitchen fires… Read more