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The Invaluable: Steps to Protect Your Organization’s Fine Arts Collection

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Curiosity. Inspiration. Surprise. Everyone’s response to a piece of fine art is unique—and could even change from moment to moment. Experiencing art is something that’s deeply personal, while connecting us with others across time through a shared encounter. It’s dynamic; almost alive. “Without art,” claimed art historian Konrad Fiedler, “the view of the world would… Read more

Help Mitigate Flood Loss Through Protection and Planning

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Flooding is the most common and costly natural disaster in the U.S. Floods can affect business owners in a variety of ways. Accordingly, owners should take the opportunity to plan and prepare for storms, as preparation can hold the most promise to help reduce potential and future loss to a property.

Turn an Incident Investigation Into a Proactive Tool

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Think how great it is to point to a completed job and say, “We produced this, and no one got hurt.” While, as an owner, you strive to keep your employees safe every day, accidents do happen. The key is to have a plan in place that enables you to respond to the accident quickly… Read more

Are We Ready for the Next Big Catastrophe?

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Property and casualty coverage has always worked on the premise that a given risk exposure can be adequately quantified if there is sufficient historical data and a predictable pattern of behavior, thereby enabling insurance companies to forecast future losses and price the risk appropriately. Natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes have left behind a trove… Read more

Distracted Driving – Truth and Consequences

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Drivers who have found themselves stuck in the middle of a ‘rush hour’ jam have seen examples of distracted driving at their most amusing.  Like the guy eating a bowl of cereal and steering with his knees.  Or someone brushing their teeth.  Then there’s the one reading the paper spread across the steering wheel.  Or… Read more