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Batten Down the Hatches – The Peril of Wind on Your Premises

October 10th - By  | General Liability, Property | 2 Comments »

A good house has a lot of nails in it. I remember that statement from Gilly Harlow, my Homes and Buildings professor at Union College, more years ago than I care to admit.  He was an older gentleman who wore a bowtie, had years of experience, and made many statements which stuck with me.  And,… Read more

The Last Drink

October 3rd - By  | General Liability | 2 Comments »

Many of us enjoy a nice “adult” beverage after a hard day’s work, possibly with our 18-ounce filet, or perhaps after that wretched round of golf that we can’t soon enough forget.  Whether this holds true for you or not, the fact still remains, it’s a part of how many people unwind.  And many businesses… Read more

How Can I Decrease the Potential for a Restaurant Fire?

September 4th - By  | General Liability | 1 Comment »

Leading Causes Each year in the United States an estimated 5,900 restaurant fires are reported to U.S. Fire Departments and cause an estimated average of 75 injuries and $172 million in property loss.  Cooking is the leading cause of these fires, most of which are small and confined.  Electrical malfunctions and heating are the next… Read more

Legionnaires’ Disease

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What is Legionnaires’ Disease? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) states that each year between 8,000 and 18,000 people are hospitalized with Legionnaires’ disease in theU.S.  Legionnaires’ disease is a potentially deadly, infectious disease caused by gram-negative bacteria (legionella), and is a form of lung infection which produces high fever and pneumonia. … Read more

What If Goldilocks Was Allergic to the Porridge?

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Unless you have lived with the fear of anaphylaxis as a result of food allergies, you may not realize the dangers that exist at many turns.  And, as a business person, you may not realize the liability potential which could result from an allergic episode.  The possibility of an allergic reaction exists in most any… Read more