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Your Liability as a Farm Employer

March 14th - By  | Farm & Agriculture, General Liability, Workers Compensation | No Comments »

As a farmer, you have a lot of concerns: weather; financing; crop yield; commodity prices; regulation; and the list goes on. Have you ever spent time thinking about your legal liabilities because you hire employees? Simply stated, a farmer can sometimes be held liable for damages to third parties as a result of negligent actions… Read more

Carbon Monoxide: Winter’s Silent Enemy

February 20th - By  | General Liability, Safety | No Comments »

What is carbon monoxide and where is it found? Carbon monoxide, otherwise known by its chemical symbol, “CO”, is an odorless, colorless gas that can cause sudden illness and/or death.  It is found in combustion fumes such as those produced by cars, trucks, gasoline engines, stoves, burning fuels such as wood and charcoal and heating… Read more

What Are You Plowing Into?

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As I inch up the thermostat, I wonder when the outdoors will turn from green to white. Many seasonal contractors that I know operate snow removal equipment. And, there are many things to consider as the winter season approaches. How much staff should you leave on call? How much sand and salt should you purchase?… Read more

Portrait of a serial infector

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The ongoing case of Exeter Hospital and the Hepatitis C outbreak The biggest news story in New Hampshire this year will no doubt be that of David Kwiatkowski, whom the authorities have labeled a “serial infector”. Kwiatkowski is a 32 year old Michigan native who, in 2007, got his start in the health care industry… Read more

No Trespassing! – Timber Trespass Tips

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Any logger has the potential of being involved in an accidental timber trespass claim.  Here are some things you need to know: What are you agreeing to when you sign a contract? Landowners generally require a logger to have general liability insurance and to assume responsibility for everything that happens at the work site.  Many… Read more