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The Invaluable: Steps to Protect Your Organization’s Fine Arts Collection

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Curiosity. Inspiration. Surprise. Everyone’s response to a piece of fine art is unique—and could even change from moment to moment. Experiencing art is something that’s deeply personal, while connecting us with others across time through a shared encounter. It’s dynamic; almost alive. “Without art,” claimed art historian Konrad Fiedler, “the view of the world would… Read more

Prevent Roof Collapse

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Winter weather in New England is notorious for wreaking havoc with building roofs. A business owner may potentially avoid costly repairs or replacement if he or she follows basic tips for proactive roof care and winter hazard prevention.

Commercial Breweries: Why a well-crafted insurance policy is a must-have

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Acadia Insurance turned to longtime agency partner James Sanborn for a seasoned perspective on the insurance needs of commercial breweries. As both a microbrew fan with his own beer blog and a 23-year career agent with GHM Insurance, James was the perfect person to tap for insight into this rapidly rising business. Q: How did you become an insurance… Read more

3 Types of Identity Theft You Should Know About

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How much do you know about identity theft and the many ways it can damage your credit? Now is the perfect time to find out. Your favorite consumer protection groups are encouraging consumers to take full advantage of their consumer rights and make better-informed decisions as part of National Consumer Protection Week from March 6… Read more

3 Best Practices to Help Protect Your Business from a Possible Data Breach

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How does your daily routine impact the security of your important business data? Building little things into your daily and weekly procedures can pay off in providing greater security of your data.  In many cases, your vigilance is all that stands between your business and a privacy breach. Below are three best practices that you… Read more