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Take a Deep Breath: Protecting Your Employees from Industrial Respiratory Hazards

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Whether you’re in construction, welding, agriculture, or any other industry whose workers are exposed to insufficient oxygen environments or potentially toxic airborne agents, you’re required to protect your employees from respiratory hazards. Yet, research shows that not nearly enough employers are taking heed—and many are failing to provide sufficient training and respiratory protection.

ATV’s – A Farmer’s Best Friend

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Since the early 1970’s, ATV (all-terrain vehicle) use has grown year over year. Originally designed as a personal use vehicle, ATVs quickly became useful machines to move through areas not easily accessible by other types of vehicles. Farmers quickly learned their ATVs were a good supplement for pick-up trucks, horses and even walking. They could… Read more

Roll Logs, Not Rollovers: Avoid Logging Equipment Accidents

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Unless you’re in the logging industry, or a member of the International Log Rolling Association, United States Log Rolling Association (ILRA / USLRA), you might not be familiar with the sport of Log Rolling.  Log Rolling is a tradition that originated in the Northeastern U. S. and Canada.  Upon completion of river log runs in… Read more

Farm Safety for Kids is Critical

April 28th - By  | Farm & Agriculture, Safety | 1 Comment »

Farms can be a fun place to grow up. They have sunshine, fresh air and lots of room to play. A farm is also a place of work; work which involves machinery that can be dangerous. This is especially so if someone doesn’t know how to be safe, and even more so when children are… Read more

Don’t Bug Out: Prevent West Nile Virus

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As you’re spending summertime on your safely checked deck , hopefully you’re not as obsessed with ducks as I apparently am this year. A more important topic for summer safety huddles is West Nile Virus (WNV) prevention, particularly for workers who spend the day outdoors, but also to educate everyone who likes to spend early… Read more