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3 Top Trends to Watch in Commercial Green Construction

June 20th - By  | Construction | No Comments »

Commercial construction is going green. The market for sustainable products, practices, and processes in the building industry is being bolstered by public awareness and supported by increased legislation—and it’s creating new opportunities for construction companies who are eager to meet the rising demands from customers for eco-friendly building materials and techniques.

Take a Deep Breath: Protecting Your Employees from Industrial Respiratory Hazards

May 4th - By  | Construction, Farm & Agriculture, Safety | No Comments »

Whether you’re in construction, welding, agriculture, or any other industry whose workers are exposed to insufficient oxygen environments or potentially toxic airborne agents, you’re required to protect your employees from respiratory hazards. Yet, research shows that not nearly enough employers are taking heed—and many are failing to provide sufficient training and respiratory protection.

Prevent Roof Collapse

February 2nd - By  | Construction, General Liability, Safety, Small Business | No Comments »

Winter weather in New England is notorious for wreaking havoc with building roofs. A business owner may potentially avoid costly repairs or replacement if he or she follows basic tips for proactive roof care and winter hazard prevention.

Five Common Remodeling Projects and Safety Focuses for Each

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It’s remodeling season in New England and throughout the United States, and, if you are a contractor, homeowners will be looking to your company to complete remodeling projects that increase the value of their home, make it more energy efficient, or improve its resilience against the coming winter.

Construction Site Hazards and Loss Control

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According to Mark Twain regarding New England weather, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute, it’ll change”. We think the weather changes frequently in New England, and it does daily and seasonally, but the weather’s rate of change pales in comparison to the constant and never-ending changes taking place on a construction site. … Read more