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Survive Your Drive: Winter Weather Edition

January 9th - By  | Automobile, Safety, Vehicles & Equipment | 1 Comment »

  Winter Weather Video – Complete Script: The Winter Weather Season presents challenges to all businesses each year.  It is important that we take a moment to remind ourselves of some best practices related to driving so that we keep the awareness levels up with our drivers and employees.  My name is Paul Roberson, Regional… Read more

OMG, I’ve been in an accident!

June 21st - By  | Automobile | No Comments »

People never plan for these things; it just springs upon us without warning. You might have been thinking of that 9 AM meeting during your morning commute or about whether you had all the ingredients for the beef stroganoff dinner you were planning during your drive home that evening. All of a sudden and without warning,… Read more

When is a School Bus Invisible? Your drivers’ traffic violations may be costing you money

June 11th - By  | Automobile, Laws & Regulations | 2 Comments »

Last month, a Tampa, Florida news channel reported that—in one day—bus drivers in Manatee County reported 194 incidents of school buses being passed by vehicles while stopped to load or unload children.  To emphasize the significance of this statistic, there are only 165 school buses in that county! The reporter went on to say that… Read more

Don’t Sign On The DOT Line

April 20th - By  | Automobile, Vehicles & Equipment | No Comments »

Trucks, Drugs & Alcohol:  Don’t sign on the DOT Line! The other day, a client called, in a panic, about a letter they received. It was a “FINAL COMPLIANCE NOTICE”, from the “Supervisor Compliance Training Department,” including their US DOT Number.  This final notice warns that many driver supervisors are non-compliant due to delinquent training… Read more

Mom Was Always Right!

April 3rd - By  | Automobile, Vehicles & Equipment | 1 Comment »

Words of wisdom regarding vehicle safety Go ahead, admit it, you’ve heard these words of wisdom from your mother before… slow down or you’ll hurt yourself take care of your toys get your rest keep your room picked up Did you ever think that they ring true in business, too? Maintaining vehicles and reducing their… Read more