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Closer Matters. Its meaning resonates from the core of Acadia's culture. We believe that we need to be close to our customers in order to deliver the best products and service possible. It means having a local physical presence so we can respond quickly to customer needs. And, it means having a real understanding of the communities and businesses that we serve so we can provide the best possible insurance solution.

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Guidelines to Encourage and Enforce Employees’ Mobile Safety Behind the Wheel

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employee mobile driving safety

Connected mobile devices are with your employees around the clock – and in their cars on company time. Whether they’re mounted to the dash, clipped to the air vent, or stashed in a computer bag, smart phones and tablets are always an arm’s length away and at-the-ready to deliver e-mail updates, instant messages, or a phone call from the boss. But if a mobile device distraction causes an accident, your company can be liable and has a great deal to lose. Read more

How to Help Protect Your Business from Privacy Breaches and Cyber Crime

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How to Help Protect Your Business from Privacy Breaches and Cyber Crime

Data breaches at big corporations make for big headlines. It’s a familiar story: A corporation gets hacked or mishandles customer data resulting in millions in damages. While the threat may seem far from home, small and mid-sized businesses are growing targets for cyber crime. And there’s a lot at stake. In 2014, the mean annual cost of cyber crime per US organizations experiencing cyber attacks was $12.7 million.[1]

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The Invaluable: Steps to Protect Your Organization’s Fine Arts Collection

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fine art collection insurance

Curiosity. Inspiration. Surprise. Everyone’s response to a piece of fine art is unique—and could even change from moment to moment. Experiencing art is something that’s deeply personal, while connecting us with others across time through a shared encounter. It’s dynamic; almost alive. “Without art,” claimed art historian Konrad Fiedler, “the view of the world would be incomplete.” Read more

Commercial Drones

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commercial drones insurance

If you are considering using a drone as part of your business operations, it is important to consult with your insurance agent to add coverage and to understand the recent regulations published by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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Prevent Roof Collapse

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prevent roof collapse

Winter weather in New England is notorious for wreaking havoc with building roofs. A business owner may potentially avoid costly repairs or replacement if he or she follows basic tips for proactive roof care and winter hazard prevention. Read more