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Closer Matters. Its meaning resonates from the core of Acadia's culture. We believe that we need to be close to our customers in order to deliver the best products and service possible. It means having a local physical presence so we can respond quickly to customer needs. And, it means having a real understanding of the communities and businesses that we serve so we can provide the best possible insurance solution.

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Employee Safety When Lifting

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employee safety when lifting

For many Americans, the physical demands of lifting heavy objects are a daily part of their working life. Unfortunately, injuries that result from this activity can present a significant health and safety issue for employees and their employers—especially in labor-intensive industries. The nature of the building material industry, for example, with its equipment, products and environment lends itself to opportunities for lifting injuries. For employees, injuries caused by improper lifting can cause acute pain and even years of chronic pain to the affected area, resulting in missed work and ongoing health issues. For employers, these injuries can cause lost productivity, problems with resource allocation and potentially serious financial implications.

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4 Benefits of Having a Preferred Medical Provider Oversee Care for Your Injured Employees

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4 Benefits of Having a Preferred Medical Provider Oversee Care for Your Injured Employees

The business disruption and cost of employee injuries on a business are well known, if understated. Not only is it important to promote a strong safety culture and help protect employees from injury, it is also just as important to have best practices in place when an injury does occur so that you can respond promptly and provide your employee with the right care as quickly as possible. One important way you can help mitigate an employee’s lost time and help them return to work or light duty is to partner with a preferred medical provider.   Read more

Ergonomic Tips for Worker Safety

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ergonomics worker safety

Many companies that employ a manual labor workforce regularly contend with employees sustaining soft-tissue injuries to the back, shoulders, and neck. The impact on productivity and the bottom line can be painful, in more ways than one.

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Tips to Help Keep Your Property Grounds Safe this Fall

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Maintaining a secure and comfortable environment is always among the top priorities of business owners, landlords, and facility managers who welcome employees, tenants, and visitors to their properties. Yet, as the days get shorter and more leaves begin to fall, it’s only a matter of time before winter hazards strike. Since businesses can be held liable for damages that arise from unintentional injuries or accidents that occur on their grounds, autumn is the perfect time for property managers to ready their premises—and safety policies and procedures—for the months ahead. Read more

How to Prevent School Bus Accidents

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school bus safety

In spite of our best efforts to make them the most highly visible vehicles on the road, unfortunately, the School Bus is still involved in all too many accidents. More times than not, the accident is the fault of the ‘other driver’.

A school-transportation-related crash is a crash that involves, either directly or indirectly, a school bus body vehicle, or a non-school bus functioning as a school bus, transporting children to or from school or school-related activities. For the purposes of this BLOG, “school-age” children are defined as children 18 or younger. Read more