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Closer Matters. Its meaning resonates from the core of Acadia's culture. We believe that we need to be close to our customers in order to deliver the best products and service possible. It means having a local physical presence so we can respond quickly to customer needs. And, it means having a real understanding of the communities and businesses that we serve so we can provide the best possible insurance solution.

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3 Reasons Why Commercial Printers Need Professional Liability Insurance

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Commercial Printers Professional Liability Insurance

Whether you’re running a corporation’s direct mail components through your presses, creating die-cut coasters for a local restaurant, or embossing an entrepreneur’s first batch of business cards, you’ve got your client’s brand in your hands—and they’re trusting you to provide a timely, high-quality product that they’re proud to share with their customers and colleagues. Read more

Tips to Help Keep Your Brewery Safe

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Brewery Safety Tips

As the US craft beer market grows each year, brewers drive more production, sales volume, and revenue for the industry. According to the Brewers Association, the craft beer market in the US is worth $23.5 billion, and craft beer sales volume continues to rise—it grew over 6% in 2016. In terms of production volume in the craft brew industry, regional craft breweries lead the pack (73.0%), followed by microbreweries (20.4%), brewpubs (5.5%), and contract brewing companies (1.1%). What’s more, small and independent American craft brewers contributed $55.7 billion to the US economy in 2014. Read more

9 Electrical Safety Tips to Help Protect Homes and Businesses

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Electrical Safety Tips for Home and Business

Every year, electrical equipment, wiring, appliances and tools cause injuries and fires at both homes and workplaces. Paying close attention to the condition of electrical equipment and taking appropriate and prompt action to correct electrical problems can help to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. Below are guidelines to help identify and reduce electrical hazards. Read more

Promoting Rail Grade Crossing Safety

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Promoting Rail Grade Crossing Safety

On the evening of February 3, 2015, a driver of a Mercedes SUV passed through the hamlet of Valhalla, NY, in Westchester County, twenty miles north of the Bronx. For reasons unknown, possibly to avoid a traffic jam, she strayed from her normal route. The skies were clear and visibility was good for a typical winter night. On the darkened road, with only three other cars in sight, she found herself facing the tracks of the Metro North rail line. Read more

How to Prepare for—and Recover From—Disasters

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Disaster Strategy Commercial Property Owners

Commercial property owners don’t want to find themselves at a loss in the event of disaster. Anything from a flood or hurricane to an act of terror or cyber-attack, can destroy a business. While most of these events are out of a business owner’s control, having adequate insurance coverage is critical. But it’s just the beginning. A disaster strategy plan that covers the bases from preparedness to recovery is a crucial piece of the puzzle that can help a business owner protect their assets if the unthinkable happens. Read more