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Acadia Timeline

Acadia Events
Notable Events
April 2 - Acadia celebrates 20th anniversary
January 17 - Valhalla, NY office opens
Hurricane Irene hits - Vermont experiences worst flooding in 84 years.
November - Acadia launches
"Closer Coverage" tag line
Apple launches the iPad
October 1 - Acadia launches
Agribusiness program
Apple sells the new ultra-thin MacBook Air notebook that is less than an inch thick.
Apple introduces The iPhone
Nintendo releases the Wii in North America.
April - Acadia Launches Synergy Risk Management program

September - Acadia hits $2 billion in cumulative written premium
YouTube is invented
Facebook is launched as a social networking site only open to students from Harvard.

September: Flooding ensues due to a series of five remnant tropical systems
January 3-4 - Twin Nor'easters
Toyota's Hybrid Car is introduced
February - Acadia office opens in Connecticut

February 27 - Acadia's first Connecticut
agent is appointed

December - New York office opens

May 19 - Acadia Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

September - Acadia hits $1 billion in cumulative written premium
December 25-26 - (Christmas Day Blizzard)
RIM's first blackberry is made.
XM Satellite Radio is launched nationwide.

September 11 - Terrorists attack World Trade Center and Pentagon.
January 1, 2000 – The world braced for
the Y2K scare
Bluetooth is announced.

The initial release of Napster.
June - Massachusetts office opens.

Acadia forms Inland Marine Department
Google is founded

January 4-10 - "Ice Storm of 1998"
July 18 - Acadia's First Massachusetts
agent is appointed

September 1 - Acadia's First New York
agent is appointed
March 31-April 1 - April Fools' Day Storm
January 6-8 - "Blizzard of 1996"

Ebay starts an online auction and shopping website, where people buy and sell goods and services worldwide
DVD (Digital Video Disc) is announced

Windows 95 is released by Microsoft
February - New Hampshire office
opens in Bedford

June - Vermont office opens in Burlington

November - New Home Office opens in Westbrook, Maine

December - Bangor, Maine office opens
World's first Satellite Digital Television
service is launched.

IBM portable computer (or "laptop" as we now know it) is introduced.
January 8 - Acadia's first New Hampshire
agent is appointed

December 1 - Acadia's first Vermont
agent is appointed
March 12-14 - Blizzard of 1993 "Superstorm"/"Storm of the Century"
April - First office forms in South Portland, Maine

May 19 - First Maine Agent Appointed

June 30 - First Auto policy issued

June 30 - First Package policy issued

September - Acadia launches their first insurance program targeting Timber Harvesters

October - Commercial Lines Underwriting celebrates $1 million in premium with a pizza party
AT&T releases a video phone

Windows 3.1 released by Microsoft